Our Company

Sarver's Hydraulics & Pneumatic Inc., established in 1984 is one of the hydraulic shops that is still owned and operated by its founder, Tim Sarver, in Roanoke, Virginia.  Tim Sarver is the first first generation of the Sarver family to have his own business. 

Sarver's Hydraulic & Pneumatic Inc. remains a small energetic company with a Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia distribution. Tim Sarver is an exceptional person.  He worked at Ingersoll-Rand before he started out on his own.  He hired his first employee, Jeff Wilson, in 1986.  Jeff has been with our company ever since.  Tim has struggled through hard times but insists that if we treat our customers fairly and honestly that they will continue to be loyal to us.  This is the reason that he tries to do the best job possible for everyone. 

Tim doesn't believe in doing the job if you aren't going to be able to do it properly and at a reasonable price.  If another company offers you a better price, but the quality of the equipment is not very reliable, Tim will tell you what to expect.  He understands the trials of running a business and tries to help everyone in any way possible. We offer sales, service, and installation on all types of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment including lifts, air compressors, brake lathes, tire changers, balances, cylinders, jacks, and impact wrenches. 

In addition to in shop service, we also offer the option of on location service calls.  As time has passed and the business grown, we are now in our 6th building, 4 of which Tim Sarver now owns.  He also has 5 rental bays for small businesses that are just starting out (like he did all those years ago). 

Tim is not just an administrator.  He participates in the service division and sales division of our company along with our 20 employees.  You shouldn't be surprised when you ask to speak to the owner to see Tim offer to shake your hand wearing a dirty uniform.  When you do the type of work that we do, you can expect to get a little (sometimes a lot) dirty. We hope to keep our company growing so that we can offer quality service at a reasonable price to everyone  who needs a helping hand in the hydraulic/automotive industry.